International Clinical Trials Day 2016 

Celebrating the first clinical trial conducted in 1747 by James Lind, Ship's Surgeon, and proving the link between citrus fruit and the treatment of scurvy May 20th each year is designated International Clinical Trials Day.
Each year the CRF uses this opportunity to promote the national OK to Ask campaign which aims to let everyone know that it is OK to Ask about clinical research when interacting with health professionals. More information about the OK to Ask campaign can be found here.

This year we chose 'Reaching out to New Audiences' as our local theme for the day as well as thanking those who have already participated in clinical research, which is this year's OK to Ask focus. 

The CRF was involved in a host of activities to engage with the public and our colleagues, raising awareness of the work of the CRF and making sure that as many people as possible know that it's OK to ASK!. 
We ...
  • attended the Sheffield Consumers in Research Event described below
  • ran a mock clinical trial with a group of GCSE science students
  • opened the CRF to staff and members of the public
  • took part in an evening programme of public talks and an exhibition, highlighting research with an arts/humanities component as part of the University of Sheffield Festival of Arts and Humanities. Professor Markus Reuber from the Department of Neuroscience presented his research which was supported by the CRF; Using Talk to Help with the Diagnosis of Dementia

 Here's a flavour of what happened on the day! Click on the picture to see the animation round up.