Ok to Ask

International Clinical Trials Day 2015 Wednesday May 20th

BBC Radio Sheffield

To kick off the day, BBC Radio Sheffield's Breakfast Show featured an interview with Professor Simon Heller and cancer patient Barrie Mitchell who has been involved in the SELECT trial.
Professor Heller made pertinent points about the fantastic strides that have been made in diseases such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and MS as well as the Trust’s success in highlighting the benefits of clinical research; safeguards in place for trials and how we learn from failure as much as success. 
Barrie gives a personal thank you to the research staff at the Trust saying he “can’t praise them enough” and that within one week of being on the SELECT trial he was “feeling 100% better”.
The piece was also featured prominently on the news bulletin and can be listened to for 30 days following May 20th 2015 here (begining at 53 minutes 17seconds).

Social Media

The day's events from all over the country, as well as here in Sheffield, were promoted on Twitter. Search for @CRFSheffield and #nihroktoask. A slideshow of events which took place nationally can be seen here.

Getting to the Heart of The Matter

A CRF tour, public talk and information stands organised in collaboration with the University of Sheffield were all well attended on the evening of Wednesday 20th May

Embedding Clinical Research

CRF staff were on hand with stands and displays throughout the hospital to promote the message that it's OK to Ask and to raise the profile of clinical research among the public, patients and our colleagues.

Why not have a look at what happened on the day...click here to see more!

CRF Director, Prof chris Newman introducing the event speakers
The CRF standProf Newman and Lead R&D Nurse Ali Mortimer