Sheffield CRF Feasibility Review

The Clinical Research Facility (CRF) provides a specialist environment for the conduct of high quality clinical research. Patients and healthy volunteers are guaranteed that research undertaken in the CRF has met all the legislative, governance and ethical requirements that ensure participant safety.

The CRF Manager, Lead Nurse, Research Matrons, along with their team of clinical and non‐ clinical research support staff, work extensively with Investigators to ensure full utilisation of all the CRF resources. Researchers are encouraged to make early contact with the CRF. This enables the CRF Management Team to make an initial review of the research protocol and look at feasibility. Dedicated
members of staff will meet with Investigators to discuss study requirements and identify how best theproject can be facilitated. This is known as a CRF feasibility review meeting.To enable preparation for the meeting, please provide a copy of the study protocol (electronically where possible)

To arrange a feasibility review meeting please contact Rachel Whelpton, CRF Service Co‐ordinator:‐

Guidance on Preparing for a CRF Feasibility Review

The feasibility review meeting usually lasts for around 30 – 45 minutes but, if you are already familiar with the protocol and have the necessary information to hand, this will ensure time is used more efficiently


The following checklist may be of use:

  • Review the study protocol
  • Look at the local recruitment target and have evidence this is achievable; what is your recruitment
  • strategy?
  • Be familiar with project start / end dates
  • Have an identified source of funding for the study
  • Be familiar with the total number of visits required. Are any of these visits outreach/outpatient visits?
  • Be able to provide an indication of the length of each type of visit
  • Have an idea when the space would be required (e.g. Tuesdays, 9.00 – 11.00 am)
  • Be aware if any overnight stays are required. Will staffing and/or space be needed at weekends or out
  • of hours eg before 8.00 am and after 5.00 pm
  • Consider what space in the CRF would be appropriate (e.g. will you need a bed, or would a
  • consulting room suffice)?
  • Consider likely staffing requirements (administrative support / nursing support, etc.)
  • Consider who will be responsible for taking informed consent
  • Consider what medical cover will be required
  • Does a co‐investigator need to be identified; who will be working with you on the study
  • Be familiar with key procedures that will take place (e.g. scans, spirometry, blood sampling)
  • Be aware of any key pieces of equipment that will be required
  • Identify any potential challenges specific to the study
  • Whether the study is likely to be eligible for portfolio adoption