Standard Operating Procedures

Since opening in September 2006 the NIHR Sheffield CRF has developed fully documented systems and procedures as part of its Quality Control Strategy. All procedures comply with Trust and University policies including Clinical and Research Governance, Health and Safety, Infection Control, and Fire Safety.

The safety of the staff and research participants is of paramount importance.

A comprehensive directory of Standard Operating Procedures is available for use by all staff and users of the CRF. Standard Operating Procedures are available for Clinical, Laboratory, and Administration procedures.

Clinical Procedures

CRF.C106Measuring Height (PDF)
CRF.C108Measuring Body Mass Index (PDF)
CRF.C125Obtaining a Blood Sample from a Peripheral Venous Cannula (PDF)
CRF.C129Measuring Weight Using Non-Electronic Scales (PDF)
CRF.C130Grip Strength Testing (PDF)
CRF.C131Measuring the Circumference of the Hips (PDF)
CRF.C132Measuring the Circumference of the Waist (PDF)
CRF.C133Measuring Waist to Hip Ratio (PDF)

Laboratory Procedures

CRF.L112CRF Laboratory Procedures (PDF)

Administration Procedures

CRF.A100Writing, Management of and Training in Standard Operating Procedures in the Sheffield Clinical Research Facility (PDF)
CRF.A101ElectronicFiling of Documentation within the CRF Projects Folder (PDF)
CRF.A105Equipment Management (PDF)

For Sheffield Clinical Research Office Standard Operating Procedures directory please click here


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