Our Clinical Team

We have a fantastic clinical team made up of Clinical Team Leaders, Research Sisters, Research Nurses, Clinical Trial Assistants and Support Workers all working together with Investigators across the Trust.

Clinical Team Leaders

Our Clinical Team Leaders provide leadership and management to a dedicated team of research nursing staff within the NIHR CRF and ensure that the highest possible quality of care is delivered which meet and exceed the expectations of individual patients and participants.

Photo of Kate Harrington

I have always been interested in research and realised early in my nursing career that research is necessary to enable change in the NHS and improve health outcomes for patients and the general public. In my role as a team leader I gain job satisfaction from providing support and guidance to a team of staff and through this facilitate the delivery of high quality research and clinical trials. The role has been particularly rewarding during the COVID-19 pandemic in which we have been able to observe the impact and benefit of our research so quickly and for so many.

Kate Harrington

Clinical Team Leader

Training & Education Lead

The T&E role provides an opportunity to work across the whole CRF team and also with STH research staff and UofS research partners. The role ranges from delivering clinical skills training sessions and assessing competence to delivering education sessions at the UKCRFN conference as part of the UKCRFN education group. Developing, facilitating and coordinating training programmes in response to service needs is a large part of the role to ensure staff are competent to deliver a wide range of research studies including early phase and experimental studies.

"Working with colleagues at local, regional and national level provides opportunities to share good practice and means we can develop standards that are recognised across all research delivery areas. The role is varied, busy and challenging but ultimately the role is about ensuring safe quality care for patients and research participants who volunteer to take part in clinical research and are contributing to future treatments and developments within the NHS".

Bev Kilner

Training & Education Lead

Research Sisters

Research Sisters are responsible for coordinating and managing a portfolio of clinical research projects within the CRF, and ensure that the research practice meets the requirements of all applicable legislation and Good Clinical Practice (GCP).

"I am very proud to be a Research Sister in the CRF and be part of a fantastic team involved in developing treatments for the future, ensuring high quality evidence based care for our patients.

The current pandemic has highlighted just how imperative research is in developing new, safe treatments."

Kay Housley

Research Sister

Photo of Kay Housley

Research Nurses

Our Research Nurse teams work across both sites of the Trust and with over 20 different clinical specialities.

As part of the larger research team, Research Nurses assess, plan, implement and evaluate programmes of care for patients in line with research protocols and deliver research to meet recruitment targets. They are able to see patients or volunteers within the CRF or alternatively, they can visit patients in their regular clinic environment within the Trust to minimise inconvenience to patients and embed research into standard care pathways. Research Nurses ensure that research safeguards are in place to protect the well-being of research subjects and that research is conducted within the regulatory framework.

"I enjoy working as a Research Nurse as it allows me to support people who are taking part in research that will positively benefit both themselves and future patients who are living with very challenging medical conditions."

David Foote

Research Nurse

Photo of David Foote

Clinical Trials Assistants (CTAs)

Our Clinical Trials Assistant team works flexibly under the supervision of the research nurses and provide clinical and administrative support to Research Nurses. CTAs perform clinical tests and investigations, process and ship samples and assist with screening and recruitment processes. They may also be responsible for relevant studies in their own right.

Our CTAs work with the research team to assist in the delivery of first class quality care to research participants and researchers who support research activity across the Trust. They also provide support for a portfolio of clinical trials, from study set up to archiving, in accordance with clinical trial protocols, laboratory manuals and all relevant regulatory standards.

Photo of Rebecca Gregory

"I feel really privileged to be working as a Clinical Trials Assistant for STH and the NIHR. I am fortunate enough to work alongside notable academics and clinicians, whilst also having the autonomy to take the lead with some of the research portfolio that I work on. I enjoy the variety that my work offers. At times I am working directly with patients in clinic, performing clinical observations and tests. At other times, I am attending meetings and conferences, growing and learning within my role. I have always taken great pride in the work that I do, as well as the team that I work with. This has never been more true than since the start of the pandemic. I am in awe of my wonderful colleagues, and of how we have all pulled together to adapt to new ways of working, and have been involved with some ground-breaking covid research studies. Whatever challenges we are faced with, there is a great sense of satisfaction to be had in knowing that what we do at the Clinical Research Facility is genuinely making a positive difference."

Rebecca Gregory

Clinical Trials Assistant

Higher Level Support Workers/Support Workers

Our Support Worker team provides cross site cover working closely with the Research Nurses and interact closely with patients and visitors to the CRF. They deliver a high quality service and care to research participants and researchers within a dedicated research setting.

The Higher Level Support Workers provide phlebotomy/cannulation, ECG and laboratory support as part of research protocol and also ensure trial specimens are processed and managed, stored and dispatched in accordance with the Human Tissue Act and all study specific laboratory manuals.

"I have worked in the Clinical Research Facility in Sheffield for the past 14 years now, which I believe is a testament as to how much I enjoy working on the frontline of research.

My role as a Higher Level Clinical Support Worker is very much a huge variety of ways that I can support all of the Nursing Teams with their studies, from providing a phlebotomy, cannulation and laboratory processing service, to ensuring the facility is fully equipped, amongst other things. It brings so much job satisfaction knowing that as part of a team, we are helping to make a difference in people’s lives.

This year has been challenging to say the least, but to play a part in the COVID-19 vaccine trials is a privilege, and I have never been as proud to work in research as I am right now!"

Chris Drake

Higher Level Clinical Support Worker

Photo of Chris Drake