Training Courses

There are a number of Training Courses that are available to staff undertaking clinical research:

Good Clinical Practice (GCP)

All staff undertaking research activities should adhere to the principles of GCP. GCP training is available via the NIHR Website

This should be completed before any trial activities are undertaken and renewed every 3 years as a minimum. For further information please contact the STH Clinical Research Office (CRIO), details on their website.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS)

If you would like to access the Clinical Research Facility (CRF's) SOPs please visit the SOP page.

For the Clinical Research Research and Innovation Office (CRIO) SOPs please visit the CRIO website.

CRF staff adhere to both CRF and CRIO SOPs and are trained on these upon coming into post and every time one is updated or implemented. Compliance is managed by the Operations Team.

Training courses within the CRF

The CRF are involved in delivering many training courses including:

  • Emergency Scenario Training

  • Inspection Preparation Training

  • Investigator Site File Training

  • The Clinical Research Training Programme

To find out the latest course availability please contact the Training and Education Team on 0114 271 3339.

The CRF Training and Education team are also able to support training in clinical skills competencies for the research clinical delivery team. To discuss support needed please contact the training and education team on the details above.