About us

The NIHR Sheffield Clinical Research FacilitY

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Sheffield Clinical Research Facility (CRF) is based at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, on O Floor of the Royal Hallamshire Hospital and on the first floor of the Centre for Biomedical Research at the Northern General Hospital. It has the facilities you find on a ward or out-patient clinic and is run by expert, qualified staff.

We recruit patients into clinical trials everyday. Taking part in a trial might mean having an extra blood sample taken or completing a life-style questionnaire. Some people are surprised to learn that not all clinical trials involve testing drugs. Clinical trials provide evidence for making decisions which result in more efficient ways of providing healthcare and improvements to how we treat our patients. If you are offered the opportunity to participate in a trial everything is explained in advance in a way that you understand to help you decide whether to take part. Whether or not you want to take part is always your decision; there is no obligation to take part and and you can change your mind at any time. Your decision to take part or not to take part in a clinical trial does not affect your normal medical care in any way at all.

Without the valuable contribution made by patients and members of the public, advances in healthcare simply would not be possible. Participating in a clinical trial or being involved in the research process helps us all to live healthier lives.

Advances in our knowledge of disease and good healthcare practices are happening here in Sheffield, not just in other cities around the world. Our patients tell us that it can be a very rewarding experience to know that you have been a part of healthcare advancements. Click here to open a poster with more information about why people take part in clinical research across the UK. The information for this poster was collected in 2016.

The project has developed into a new national collaboration. Click here to view the poster from 2018 and which captured information about research awareness at our hospitals among patients, visitors and staff.

At the CRF we work hard to provide a welcoming environment for people who have chosen to participate in clinical research. Everyone who takes part in a research project which is supported by us can be assured that it has met all necessary legal and ethical requirements.