Administration Team

Our administration teams consist of a Laboratory Manager, Operations Team, Personal Assistant (PA), Data Coordinators and a Reception Team. 

Our administration teams are pivotal in not only supporting the clinical team administratively, but in ensuring that every participant through our doors feels welcomed and that their time in our facility is a pleasant one.

Kim Driver

Laboratory Manager

I joined Sheffield Teaching Hospitals in January 2022 as Laboratory Manager for both the NIHR Sheffield Clinical Research Facility (CRF) and the Cancer Clinical Trials Centre (CCTC).  I have worked in laboratories since 2008 and have 5 years of clinical research experience. 

My role involves working closely with the operational and clinical teams across both units to ensure the highest laboratory standards are upheld through the use of robust, aligned procedures, audits, and a standardised training programme within each laboratory.


I find working in clinical research so rewarding and love the challenges and successes each day can bring. I have been made to feel so welcome since I started in post and am so happy to be part of what is an amazing team.

photo of Kim Driver
Photo of Zoe Whiteley

Zoe Whiteley

Project Coordinator (Operations Team)

I joined the NIHR Sheffield Clinical Research Facility (CRF) as Project Coordinator at the beginning of 2020 having spent the previous 5 and a half years working in the STH Clinical Research and Innovation Office (CRIO) in a variety of roles. As Project Coordinator I lead on Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) initiatives and am the primary contact for collating and disseminating information about publications. This is vital to understanding the outcomes and output of the research that we have supported. My role is to work closely with the Operations Manager and the rest of the Operations team to ensure that the processes and procedures underpinning the activity of the clinical team are in place. This includes initiatives around Data management, quality assurance and PPIE.

Over the last 12 months I have been heavily involved in the operational side of the vaccination work established in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and have really enjoyed being part of this team and what was achieved. I particularly like the variety of the role and am proud of the small role I have played in COVID research over the course of the pandemic, and the fabulous CRF team that I work with.

Fahimeh Nafely

Data Manager (Operations Team)

As Data Manager my role is to ensure the quality of the data within the NIHR Sheffield Clinical Research Facility (CRF) and to support the administration and clinical teams in tracking and reporting performance.  I work closely with the Senior Management Team and patient facing teams to create customised reports that enable tracking or recruitment and delivery performance. I am also involved managing the CRF database and manage and oversee the training of new staff on the system. A key part of my role is supporting users of the system to ensure that data is entered accurately and timely to enable swift reporting as and when required.

Over the years, I have created a number of data and reporting solutions to gain insight into every aspect of our clinical research including performance real time report (BRAG), bed occupancy and trends in patient activity. I am also responsible for the annual NIHR Finance and Activity report and ensuring the data we present accurately reflects our activity throughout the year.  

The most enjoyable part of my job is having the pleasure to work with wonderful colleagues from all parts of our research organisation and provide personalised support. I’m also a chair of the UKCRF Network Information Management and Technology Theme Group which gives the incredible opportunity to share knowledge with other UK CRFs. For more information on Theme Groups visit the UKCRF Network website.

I have enjoyed contributing to the success of the COVID vaccine studies through management of the participant booking system, which was developed using a process that I adapted.

Photo of Fahimeh Nafely
Photo of Grace Edwards

Grace Edwards

Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) Officer 

(Operations Team)

I am excited to join the NIHR Sheffield Clinical Research Facility (CRF) and NIHR Sheffield Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) as Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) Officer.

I look forward to engaging more people in our upcoming research projects, through community outreach and supporting existing Patient Advisory Groups.

Previously I have worked as Project Support Officer for the Trust Controlled Documents (TCD) Project at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, rolling out the COVID-19 information on MicroGuide and providing MicroGuide training for different directorates to expand, using the software.

I then went on to work at the Integrated Care Board (ICB) as a Programme Support Officer supporting the National QUIT Smoking Programme and the Social Prescribing Programme across South Yorkshire, working on both clinical and holistic care between the two programmes.

Working with the voluntary sector across South Yorkshire on the Social Prescribing Programme, highlighted the importance of bringing in patient experiences to inform strategy and this led me to apply for the Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Officer role.

I look forward to connecting local people to local ongoing research, and the developments that will lead to!

Rachel Whelpton

Service Coordinator (Operations Team)

As Service Coordinator in the NIHR Sheffield Clinical Research Facility (CRF), I work closely with the Head of Operations, Operations Manager and the Operations Coordinator.


As well as taking on the day to day running of key projects within the service area, I also look after our website and social media outlets to ensure everyone including our staff and participants, are kept up to date with the latest information regarding the CRF and the work we do locally and nationally.


I also look after the Authorisation and Amendments process ensuring that our staff are aware of the latest changes and updates to studies.


The other main part of my role is supervising the administration team including the PA to the Lead Nurse and Reception Team. I work with the teams to ensure that the systems and processes are in place to support staff, researchers and patients. One key initiative that I lead on is obtaining patient/participant feedback and feeding this into the wider team to ensure that we are being the best we can be.


I have worked in the CRF for over 11 years now and I continue to be amazed by everything our team achieves and how pivotal research is in helping to ensuring better treatments for people. It is so rewarding to be even a small cog in this important wheel.

photo of Rachel Whelpton
Photo of Linzi Procter

Linzi Procter

Operations Coordinator (Operations Team)

As Operations Coordinator I work closely with the Operations Manager and Service Coordinator and the primary focus of my role is to support the processes and procedures underpinning the work of the clinical and operations teams. I have worked in the NIHR Sheffield Clinical Research Facility (CRF) for 8 years in a variety of roles including PA to the Lead Nurse, and Service Coordinator.


As part of my role I coordinate the CRF feasibility process to manage requests for support from the CRF, as well as taking on the day to day running of key projects, processes and functions. I also support quality assurance and service improvement within the unit to ensure that systems and processes are in place to support staff and researchers in conducting research which is of excellent quality and is compliant with robust safety standards.


The pandemic has really highlighted the importance of clinical research and the fantastic work that is done within the CRF. It really is exciting and rewarding to support so many amazing clinical trials that can change people’s lives. 

Imogen Wilson

Data Assistant (Operations Team)

I have recently joined the Operations Team as a Data Assistant, having worked in the NIHR Sheffield Clinical Research Facility (CRF) for the past year as a Data Coordinator. I am working closely with the Data Manager and other members of the Operations Team to ensure that the data in our system is of high quality and accurately reflects the activity of the CRF through routine data cleaning. A key part of my role involves supporting staff with the use of our CRFManager database, and reviewing and redesigning the training for this system.


It is inspiring to work within a team that is always working so hard to improve patient outcomes. The CRF has played a very important part in COVID-19 research, and I am very keen to give a helping hand in this new role.

Photo of Imogen Wilson
photo of Jay Batty

Jay Batty

Administrator (Operations Team)

After working as an Administration Team Leader in the COVID-19 Vaccination Service in 2021 and 2022, I joined the NIHR Sheffield Clinical Research Facility (CRF) in early 2023. 

My role as Administrator is to provide administrative support within the CRF and the Operations Team. I play a key role in the Authorisations and Amendments process which ensures our clinical staff are aware of any changes or updates to studies, and I am responsible for the planning and scheduling of feasibility meetings. I also manage the staff database for CV’s and Good Clinical Practice certification.

 In my short time in the role I have found everyone to be so incredibly welcoming and helpful. I have found the work to be rewarding and enjoy the fact that every day presents new challenges.

To play any role in so many clinical trials that can contribute to giving people a better quality of life is particularly rewarding, and a very good reason to come to work with a smile every day. I am looking forward to contributing to the ongoing success and achievements of the CRF. 

Sarah Young

Personal Assistant (PA) to Lead Nurse

As PA for Gail Mills, Lead Nurse for Research and Development, I primarily manage Gail’s busy diary, providing a secretarial and administrative service to support and assist her and the Senior Nursing Team including Research Matrons for the Trust, NIHR Sheffield Clinical Research Facility (CRF) and the Cancer Clinical Trials Centre (CCTC).

I am the first point of contact for the Lead Nurse, dealing with, or referring as appropriate, internal and external enquiries, verbally and by email, prioritising as required and to participate in ad hoc projects as they arise, taking responsibility for specific areas as appropriate.

I enjoy working in research as I feel that I am involved in providing administrative support to clinical staff  so that they can then focus on producing significant changes and improvements to the life of those looking for solutions to their various health conditions.   

Photo of Sarah Young

Data Coordinators

Our Data Coordinators work closely with nurses and researchers to ensure that credible, accurate data is available on time to meet the requirements of our research sponsors.  The Data Coordinators provide a key supportive role to the clinical teams in the NIHR Sheffield Clinical Research Facility (CRF), assisting in the delivery of timely, high quality data entry for a large portfolio of clinical research activity.  The team not only work with internal staff but closely with researchers and sponsors to ensure the credible, accurate data is available on time to meet GCP requirements.

photo of Michael Newman

During the summer of 2017, I completed a 3-month internship at the NIHR Sheffield Clinical Research Facility (CRF) as a Data Coordinator and since then have graduated from Plymouth University with a BSc and an MSc. Having worked directly for the CRF and worked in research whilst at university, it became a passion which I wished to follow, therefore leading me to re-join the CRF as a full-time Data Coordinator.


I work closely with both clinical staff and sponsors, utilising my communication and organisation skills to help ensure the timely transfer of study specific data. The combination of admin and clinical staff within the CRF is a close-knit community, where each member has an important role to play in clinical research. My role allows me to improve my current skill set, whilst providing me with a rewarding job that helps to improve the health and wellbeing of many members of the public.


Although I have not yet worked at the CRF for a long period of time, I have enjoyed my time so far and am looking forward to learning more about the various trials which I will be working on as a Data Coordinator.

Michael Newman

Data Coordinator

Receptionists/Clerical Officers

Our Receptionists provide a welcoming, friendly and efficient reception service to support patients and participants, relatives and research staff from all clinical disciplines. They ensure the smooth running of participant visits by welcoming people when attending for visits, booking transport and ordering patient records. They are at the heart of the NIHR Sheffield Clinical Research Facility (CRF).

My job requires me to work closely with the nursing and admin teams covering a wide selection of duties including welcoming participants to the department for their appointments and making sure that they are dealt with in a welcoming and timely manner, arranging their taxis if needed to transport them to and from their appointments and request their medical notes if required.

I really do enjoy working within the CRF, coming to work with a team of colleagues who are always working hard to achieve great things.

Alison Grundy 

Receptionist/Clerical Officer