Training & Education (T&E)

Training and Education (T&E) is recognised nationally across the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) clinical research infrastructure as a pivotal role to the success of operational delivery. The training and education of our team ensures staff are competent to deliver the research protocols and is fundamental in contributing to high class research that will lead to quality care and improved treatment for patients.

Our clinical research delivery team’s aim is to fully embed within directorates so that all Trust staff have a clear understanding of the role and importance of research and patients have the opportunity to take part in a range of clinical trials. Staff attend directorate meetings to engage with the wider clinical teams and events such as research cafes are held to raise awareness of research Trust-wide.

Research Awareness

A project to raise research awareness for nurses and allied healthcare professionals in the Trust started in September 2022. Presentations were held in a variety of different forums and a research awareness module will be available on PALMS later this year.

The learning objectives of the module are to understand:

Embedding Research

Research Champion Role

One of the ways we are embedding research within our Trust has been through our Research Champion roles. This role was set up so more patients could be offered research by promoting and raising research awareness through the introduction of the Research Champion role and Research Cafes.

The Research Champion role is an opportunity for clinical staff with a passion for research to contribute to creating an environment which promotes engagement in research. This role is a key link between the research team, clinical staff and all service users and as such, will be vital in delivering the overall aim to embed research and innovation alongside clinical care (STH 2012, Department of Health 2012). As an advocate for good practice, this role will promote patient choice to be involved in research, working closely with the research team to share knowledge and information pertaining to current studies.

Further information for healthcare professionals interested in research, including the Research Champion role can be found on the Clinical Research & Innovation Office website.

Meet the Training & Education (T&E) Team

photo of Helen Wollff

Helen Wollff 

Training & Education (T&E) Lead

As the Clinical Research T&E Lead, my role is to work in partnership with key staff in the Clinical Research Facilities, Cancer Clinical Trials Team and Trust and Academic Directorates to provide an extensive educational programme for the research community within STH and the wider region.

My responsibilities are to:

The overall aim is to further develop a resilient and highly skilled workforce to open research opportunities to everyone. 

Rose Kirk

Clinical Educator

Working closely with the T&E Lead, as the Clinical Educator my role is to support the training and education of the research team to ensure staff have the right skills to deliver a range of research protocols. The role is varied in that I support staff within the CRF but also across the wider research infrastructure. I identify the training pathways for individual staff and support them while they complete the required competencies. I also work alongside staff on their own studies and support them to put in to practice the protocols and study schedules, sharing knowledge and experience to build their confidence in their new role.

Photo of Rose Kirk