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Dr Paul Collini

Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Physician in Infectious Diseases

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The CRF have very able and engaged staff who are keen to do research. They have a high regard to professionalism, Good Clinical Practice and knowledge of research governance. Data coordination is also a great strength.

The CRF have been critical to the success of key COVID studies, in particular RECOVERY and ISARIC which have yielded significant results that have impacted on patient care.

Prof David Kiely

Consultant Respiratory Physician and Research Lead for the Academic Directorate of Respiratory Medicine

Having a CRF allows us to take part in studies examining new therapies for patients with pulmonary hypertension. The CRF in Sheffield is a friendly and welcoming environment and has contributed to multiple studies in pulmonary hypertension leading to the licensing of new therapies which has transformed the outlook for patients with pulmonary hypertension.

In the Academic Directorate of Respiratory Medicine we are excited at the potential to improve outcomes for patients with respiratory disease and look forward to continued collaborations over coming years.

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Dr Ruth Payne

Senior Clinical Lecturer and Consultant Microbiologist 

Performing vaccine trials in the CRF during the COVID-19 pandemic was challenging, but it was great to see how all staff pulled together and adapted ways of working to enable us to recruit huge numbers of participants to these vital trials.

Clearly, now that ‘business as usual’ is returning trials are running very differently to the past couple of years, but the facilities available, and the willingness to have staff assigned to vaccine trials has provided good support for ongoing expressions of interest for trials with industry and academia, with several future trials in the pipeline already.

The team have always been approachable, responsive and helpful which has made working with them a real pleasure!

Dr Thomas Darton

Senior Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Infectious Diseases 

The CRF/Vaccine Team have been incredible throughout the COVID 19 pandemic. The team, led by Jayne Willson, have consolidated their national and international reputation for their ability and professionalism in participant recruitment, safe vaccine administration and active surveillance during the follow-up period. This is reflected in the statistics as a leading national recruiter to multiple studies, contribution to numerous high-impact publications and resulting policy recommendations, by feedback from CROs and sponsors, and by the ongoing enthusiasm and positive feedback from participants taking part in the research. 

Supported by the CRF, the contribution made to numerous COVID vaccine studies (COV002, COV009, ENSEMBLE2, Moderna Bivalent, AZ Omicron study, COMCOV2, etc) has resulted in the formation of evidence-based public health policy for mitigating the impact of the 2019 COVID pandemic. Ongoing work is leading to a pivotal phase 3 E.coli vaccine study (E.mbrace), the commencement of early phase studies, including FIH/Phase 1 and vaccine/challenge studies. Due to the contributions of the CRF, Sheffield is fast becoming an national centre of excellence in the delivery of vaccine research. 

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